I loathe packing for a trip! I have a hard enough time picking clothes to wear each day, let alone planning what I want to wear days in advance! But one morning in March, I had to pack for a two night stay in Chicago for a Hay House Writer’s Conference.

My mind was scattered. I felt rushed. I should have packed the night before, but I watched the Katherine Heigl movie, “Killers” instead. It’s the one where she’s digging through her suitcase wondering why she packed all her socks, but no cute dress. I always chuckle at that scene.

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In 2010 I was asked to be a Mother’s Day speaker. My children were grown and gone with children of their own so I wrote a ten minute talk about my three rules for “Mothering, not Smothering”.

  1. Have a sense of humor when raising children. Without it, you’ll go down – fast!
  2. Wrap your teenagers in a positive bubble, then release it and trust they’ll be okay. If not, you’ll never get any sleep.
  3. Don’t give advice to your adult children, especially about marriage or raising children.

I let the talk simmer for a few days. When I read it again, I sounded like a preachy, know-it-all, goody-two-shoes contender for Mother of the Year. I had five days to rewrite. . . . Continue reading