Releasing Religion: A Minister’s Wife Goes Rogue

Oh, my Gosh! Oh, my Gosh!

My book and e-book, Releasing Religion: A Minister’s Wife Goes Rogue (A memoir), has been a #1 bestseller on Amazon three times in three different categories! It now has 40 five-star ratings, 30 of which were accompanied by a written review. And now it’s also available on Barnes & Noble!

She was the proverbial good girl, obeying all the rules and
expectations of others—until she took control and changed the rules.

Gaye was an optimistic college music major when she agreed to marry her senior music major boyfriend after his graduation. She never expected that before their wedding, he would upend his career and toss her unprepared into the role of a minister’s wife at age eighteen.

But the people-pleaser in Gaye is compelled to stand by his side, even if it means living in a fishbowl where the expectations of others disrupt her sense of self. Gaye walks this path that was never meant to be hers for fifteen years before beginning to realize that only by reclaiming her identity can she unleash her inner power and become the unstoppable force she was meant to be.

In a relatable and moving account of overcoming obstacles, Gaye Kick provides an eye-opening peek into the ups and downs of a clergy wife who yearns for a spiritual path that resonates with her soul. Her story will inspire other seekers to examine beliefs hindering them from living the life they desire so they, too, can go on an incredible journey of breaking free.

Releasing Religion is an honest, heartfelt memoir. If you like engaging narratives, funny self-reflection, and journeys of discovery, then you’ll love Gaye Kick’s uplifting search for freedom and identity.


Gaye Kick

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